amanda June 15, 2012

The XHOSE is the brand new revolutionary 2-in-1 hose that expands up to 3 times its size! This is truly an awesome product. Hook it up and turn on your water and watch this durable yet lightweight hose expand right before your eyes. When your water is turned off, it decreases back to its original size.

The XHOSE weighs only about 1 pound, so there’s no need to have to tug and wear yourself out hauling it out to get started on your gardening or car washing. Even kids can use the XHOSE without a problem. The XHOSE is made from two separate hoses: A tough rubber inside wrapped inside an ultra strong, durable webbing. It is made to last and does not kink! The XHOSE expands to an extra wide diameter and stores neatly. When your XHOSE is drained and contracted back to its original size, it can fit into a small bowl or pot, making storage simple and space-conscious. No need for that big bulky hose storage compartment, or all the winding and unraveling they require when you need to use your hose.

The XHOSE is powerful enough to reach the windows and siding on your home’s second floor, but also gentle enough for watering your shrubs and flowers. Great for washing the car! No more yanking and cranking to maneuver around your vehicle or getting the heavy hose stuck under your tires while attempting to rinse the other side off.

The XHOSE is available in 3 lengths to suit your needs: 25, 50, and 70 feet (when not in use, they store at 9, 18.5, and 28 feet). Prices for the XHOSE range from $19.95- $39.95, depending on what size you choose.

The XHOSE makes other traditional hoses obsolete! We agree that there is no reason to not try the XHOSE, and we’re excited to replace our heavy, bulky hose in for this new As Seen On TV item.


UPDATE 7/26/12:

We have been getting dozens of comments on this post since publishing it back in June! It seems there are mixed reviews on the XHose. Many customers have mentioned that the ordering process of the XHose has left them furious and feeling scammed. Some have also noted the XHose breaking upon the first use. This could also be due to poor warehouse handling and shipping procedures from the manufacturer. We have read that there are users who enjoy using their XHose for basic gardening and washing the car. Perhaps there will be another company to purchase the XHose from that is trustworthy and can deliver in a timely fashion, as well as provide satisfactory customer service! Guess we’ll have to wait and see.

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