Chair Gym

amanda June 12, 2012

There’s a new workout system on DRTV for people who don’t want to get extreme, but still would like a convenient yet thorough at-home work out.  The Chair Gym system allows you to get a full body workout in while sitting comfortably. You can improve your flexibility and strength with over 50 exercises to choose from and 3 levels of resistance.  The Chair Gym comes with a 30 minute workout DVD, a nutritional guide, exercise guide and an instructional DVD. It uses adjustable and smooth resistance cords to give you a workout.

I think the Chair Gym would be a great solution for elderly or people who have had injuries in that past that don’t want to overstrain themselves. I personally wouldn’t pay $150 for a chair with some resistance cables since I would rather use hand weights, kettle bells, my own body’s weight doing resistance exercises, along with cardio for a thorough workout. You can, however, try it for only $14.95 for 30 days, but we all know what a pain that process can be. Sometimes it’s far too much of a hassle trying it out and having to send it back! I wouldn’t bother with this piece of fitness equipment.

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