Cafe Cup

amanda May 11, 2012

Cafe Cup is the universal reusable single cup pod for single serve coffee makers, such as the ever popular Keurig. We like how we can buy our own varieties in larger sizes, clearly saving us big bucks every year. If you think about how many pods you would throw away in a year, that is a terrible waste. This is a great value for your wallet and the environment. Another perk is that you can even use the pods for espresso and tea! We don’t own a personal coffee maker, but after seeing this invention, we’re more tempted to get one. Single serving coffee makers are great for people who don’t guzzle a full pot every day. This makes the single serving coffee maker an even better value. Since the popularity of these coffee makers has grown remarkably over the past few years, I can definitely see this making a successful run on television. What are your thoughts on the Cafe Cup? Would you find this to be a great purchase for yourself or someone you know?

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